Zorin OS - an Ubuntu-based Linux


Zorin OS is a multi-functional operating system designed specifically for newcomers to Linux. It's based on Ubuntu Linux, so you can rely on it for rock-solid performance, dependability and support.

Exclusive Software

Zorin OS features our unique Look Changer program that we have created exclusively for Zorin OS. It allows you to change the user interface at the touch of a button. Other unique programs include Background Plus,
Web Browser Manager and more.


Zorin OS gives you more flexibility.
It allows you to use Zorin OS alongside your current operating system and run Microsoft Windows programs in Zorin OS with the help of WINE and PlayOnLinux.

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Main advantages:

Super secure

Thanks to Zorin OS's immunity to Windows viruses you will never have to worry about any of that nasty malware. And when a potential security threat arises, software updates usually come in a matter of hours.
With Zorin OS you are sure to have peace of mind.

Much faster than your typical OS

Zorin OS is super fast. Zorin OS is faster than Windows and OS X because it is more lightweight. Some Windows programs run even faster in Zorin OS with WINE (which comes pre-installed with Zorin OS) than in Windows.

Out-of-the-box software

Zorin OS is packed with all the software you'll ever need out of the box, from office suites to video editors. For a package list and other details click here.