Full Tilt! Pinball game is an excellent pinball game from Maxis, a company best known for Sim games.

The Pinball game will be familiar to anyone who has Microsoft's Plus! Windows 95 companion pack,
since one of the tables - Space Cadet - was included as a bonus. All the tables in this collection are one-screen tables: viewed from an isometric 3D angle, so you do not need to scroll the screen to see the entire meal. There are only three tables in Pinball - too few compared to most pinball game s that feature six or more. However, all the tables quite well done. DOWNLOAD PINBALL GAME FREE.


The version of the Space Cadet table in Pinball is the same as the MS Plus version, except it has enhanced with improved graphics, multi-ball play, and support for multiple resolutions. With the largest viewable surface, Space Cadet is the most straightforward and most comfortable of the three tables. All the tables have a nice built-in help feature: small arrows light up to show you the next target/ramp/bumper to hit for bonus points.

One of the best features of Pinball is the soundtrack. You will hear digitized pirates telling you to walk the plank on the pirate-themed Skullderduggery table, kings commanding you to slay the dragon on the fantasy-themed Dragon's Keep. Sound effects such as laser fire, cannon fires, and water splash are all realistic and add significantly to the atmosphere. The problem is FTB is the same as with most one-screen games: the ball is too small to follow its trajectory accurately, so only sharp-eyed pinball experts will have a chance at high scores in this Pinball game. DOWNLOAD PINBALL GAME FREE.
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While Full Tilt! Pinball is by no means a classic pinball game. It is fun enough to warrant a revisit once in a while. Compared with other one-screen games, it's not as good as Crystal Caliburn, but much better than average fare.


Download for Windows  Download for Linux
All 64-bit version program is recommended for most computers. 
Older machines with less than 2GB of RAM may only be compatible with the 32-bit version. 

 Install instruction: 

 > UnZIP with 7-Zip or WinRAR. You can just download 7-Zip from click this link.  
 > UnZip password :
 > Please read readme.txt file for game play instraction.