Prince of Persia 2 Download for PC


Prince of Persia 2: The Shadow and the Flame is a platform game released by Broderbund in 1993 as the sequel to 1989's Prince of Persia You can download this here too. Both games were designed by Jordan Mechner, but unlike the original, he did not program the sequel himself.

Similar to the first Prince of Persia, the character explores various deadly areas by running, jumping, crawling, avoiding traps, solving puzzles and drinking magic potions. Prince of Persia 2 is more combat-heavy than its predecessor. 

The Shadow and the Flame

In the first game, enemies appear only occasionally and are always alone, while in the sequel, up to four enemies may appear at once, sometimes flanking the player, and may even be instantly replaced by reinforcements when they are killed. 

As in Prince of Persia, the trick is to complete the game under a strict time limit from 75 minutes (which start after a certain point in game) that passes in real time. Lives are unlimited, but time cannot be regained (except by reverting to a previously saved game). 

In other areas, more significant improvements have been made. The graphics are far more complex than the simple look of the game's predecessor, the areas explored are larger, and the variety of backdrops is greater.

How to play Prince of Persia 2 : The Shadow and the Flame

Create a new folder for the game 'e.g. C:OLDGAMES'
Extract the game files to the new game folder.

Open DOSBox by running DOSBox.exe.(you can download DOSBox from here)

In DOSBox type ‘mount c c:\OLDGAMES’ and press ENTER
Type ‘C:’ and press ENTER followed by ‘CD PRINCE2’ and ENTER.

Later versions allow you to set sound options. To do so:

Type ‘SETUP’ and then press ENTER
Choose the sound options and exit back to the DOSBox.

To start the game type ‘PRINCE’ and press ENTER.

Prince of Persia 2

Download for Windows  Download for Linux
All 64-bit version program is recommended for most computers. 
Older machines with less than 2GB of RAM may only be compatible with the 32-bit version. 

 Install instruction: 

 > UnZIP with 7-Zip or WinRAR. You can just download 7-Zip from click this link.  
 > UnZip password :
 > Please read readme.txt file for game play instraction.