CABAL Online - Devil's Tower

CABAL Online - Devil's Tower MMO RPGs Game

A hack and slash MMO in which you get to choose your champion and fight swarms of monsters

The Revolution of Action
Experience genre-redefining fluidity in the Action MMO that started it all.
The world of MMORPGs is very large, diverse and full of life. There are plenty of great games to choose from and CABAL Online is one of them. The action takes place on the mythical continent of Nevareth where a group of men named Cabal, once set out to create a perfect world to live in only to see it fall to ruins and now, what’s left of it is threatened by a dark force.
Choose a hero and set off into battle.

As with most MMORPGs, you get to choose from one of the multiple character types, each specialized in one or more forms of combat. CABAL Online allows you to play as a Warrior, Blader, Wizard, Force Archer, Force Shielder and Force Blader, characters that can be customized to a great extent.

Heroes level up as they gain experience, you unlock new powers, become eligible to equip certain items and learn how to imbue your weapons and armour. The game has a decent amount of aspects to which you need to familiarize yourself before you go out to explore the world around but CABAL Online has that covered in a series of short and explicit tutorials.

After you’ve learned the basics, you’re ready to leave the safety of your town and fight the minions that are scattered all around, each one more powerful than the other.
Decent graphics and gameplay

From a visual point of view, CABAL Online looks good although we can’t speak of high-end graphics. Design for NPCs, characters, minions, equipment and environment is appealing and certainly is one of many selling points for the game.

Controls are those which you find in most MMOs but with a couple of setbacks, for example, you there is a fixed angle at which the camera can be raised and you can't really see what lies ahead in the distance. Moreover, at times your character simply seems to get stuck on the simplest of turns or world props. Even though it’s an open-world game, it feels fairly restrictive.
A good MMORPG for fans everywhere

CABAL Online consists of most elements and features you find in nearly all MMORPGs but don’t take it as a clone. It’s far from it as it does add its fair share of unique elements and provides an attractive world in which you can battle all kinds of monsters.
I. New Content
1. Devil’s Tower

    Dungeon Information
        Entry Level: LV. 190 and above / BSLV. 11 and above
        Entry Item
  •             Item Name: Devil Key
  •             Sale: Bloody Ice Grocery merchant Deighton
  •             Price: 4,000,000 Alz
        Dungeon Location: Porta Inferno (219, 230)
        Time limit: 20 minutes
        Dungeon Completion
  •             Victory: Final Boss Kill (Legendary Box Kill)
  •             Defeat: Time limit expiration
        DP reward: 6 DP
        Max Users entry: 4
        Daily limits on entering the dungeon: 2 daily
    Drop Item Information
        The Devil Token (High)
  •             An item that can be purchased at Incubo Evil store
  •             Drops from Devil’s Tower Legendary box at certain drop rate.
    Incubo Devil store
        Located at Devil’s Tower entrance, Devil Merchant NPC Incubo
        Selling items that can be purchased using the Devil Token (High) item

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