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deepin, the prettiest Linux distribution, switches to Debian stable in 15.9

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There are many Linux distributions in the wild nowadays, but none are more beautiful than deepin. Some people refuse to use the distro because its developers are in China, but in reality, it should be fine to use. 

While deepin has always seemed rock solid to me, its base of Debian unstable apparently made it less reliable than the developers like. As a result, beginning with the new 15.9.2 beta, deepin is switching to Debian stable. In other words, the developers are not only focused on the superficial.

The software in Debian stable repository has been strictly tested and are relatively stable, with the support from the Debian security team to maintain the security updates timely. What’s more, the strict upgrade of the software packages in the Debian stable repository ensures a safe and stable environment. For the commonly used applications, they will be upgraded and maintained by deepin development team with the goal to follow upstream updates within one week," says the deepin development team.

The developers share the following improvements to the operating system as a result.

  • More timely responses to software security vulnerabilities
  • Improved stability on system upgrade
  • Better support (compatibility) for third-party applications
  • Better business support
  • The older software in Debian stable repository will be upgraded separately, such as Chrome, Firefox, LibreOffice and other common applications, to ensure better usability.

Ultimately, the most beautiful Linux distribution becoming more reliable and secure is a huge win for users. If you want to test deepin 15.9.2 beta with the new Debian stable base, you can download it here. Even though the base is Debian stable, this is still a pre-release operating system, so you should not install it on a production machine.

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The 64-bit version is recommended for most computers. 
Older machines with less than 2GB of RAM may only be compatible with the 32-bit version. 

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