Latest WinMount Download

WinMount avoids to decompress and compress again files when it is necessary to extract info inside them. It's easy to mount a file on the virtual drive, you'll only have to drag and drop the file you want to mount, as if it were an usual drive.

Let WinMount do the rest. No problems for you. Finally, thanks to WinMount you'll be able to create virtual drives from BIN, MDF and MNT; and generate RAM drives.
Features - support Windows2000/2003/XP/Vista/Win7/PPC

Compress and Decompress

Compress ZIP/7Z/ISO/MOU ( support spliting to volumes );
Decompress ( smart extract ) , browse, modify and convert RAR/ZIP/7Z/ISO/MOU/CAB/ARJ/GZ/BZ2/TAR/WIM;
* Add/read comment and magic page.

Virtualize compressed archive
- Mount archive as virtual disk

Mount RAR/ZIP/MOU to virtual disk;
* Feature: no decompression, all actions are taken in a virtual path, protect hard disk, save space.

Virtualize compressed archive
- Mount archive as virtual folder

Quick mount ZIP/MOU/WIM to current folder;
* 1: Maintain Windows operation mode.
* 2: Mount in a instant without decompression.

Mount CD/DVD images

* Mount CD: APE/FLAC/WV;
Make ISO from physical or virtual CD/DVD ROM.

Mount HDD images

* Mount VHD(Virtual PC), VDI(Virtual Box), VMDK(VMWare);
* 1: Open without virtual machine system.
* 2: Have read-only and write-back mode.

MOU-new compression format

* A new compression standard that developed by WinMount.
* 1: Highly and fastly compressed.
* 2: Completely free.

WMT-new HDD format

* A new storage HDD format that developed by WinMount.
* 1: Can be encrypted.
* 2: Have read-only and write-back mode.


* Mount microsoft WIM | Mount folder;
Creat blank disk,data will not be saved, the same as RAM-disk;
Creat blank disk,data can be saved as WMT;
* Advanced: Command lines

Latest WinMount for Windows

Download for 64-bit  Download for 32-bit
All 64-bit version program is recommended for most computers. 
Older machines with less than 2GB of RAM may only be compatible with the 32-bit version. 

 Install instruction: 

 > UnZIP with 7-Zip or WinRAR. You can just download 7-Zip from click this link.  
 > UnZip password :
 > Please read readme.txt file for game play instraction.